About Us

Established in January 2008, our vision is to create an artistically adventurous environment that attracts and excites diverse members of the Pattaya community by providing theatrical productions that entertain, inspire and inform.

We welcome participation at all experience levels, and we're always looking for new talent for our upcoming shows. In addition to actors, there is always a need for backstage help, whether it's helping with lighting, sound, props, costumes or set building.

Announcements for auditions are usually posted a week or two in advance here on our website, plus on and in the local newspapers.

We hope to see you at or in our next production! Thank you for supporting Pattaya Players.

How to contact Pattaya Players:

  • E-mail: pattayaplayerstake2@gmail.com or pattayaplayerspr@gmail.com
  • Phone: 094.772.0162 or 087.146.6281
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/pattayaplayers
  • Please visit our current sponsors: