Past Productions, Meetings & Social Events

First Play Reading Night, February 2017

On Tuesday, 21 February 2017, Pattaya Players held its first ever "play reading night" at the White Horse Pub. The group of attendees spent a friendly, informal evening reading aloud from “Fools” by Neil Simon. This charming and very funny play depicted a young school teacher who attempted to lift the curse that has rendered an entire village colossally stupid for 200 years. The reading was followed by a lively discussion of whether it would be feasible for Pattaya Players to stage this production. Everyone in attendance had a great evening, and agreed that play readings should be held on a more regular basis.

Improv Workshops Move to Teatro, January 2017

Pattaya Players has been offering Improv Theatre Workshops under the direction of Sheldon Penner, Dramalog Award-winning playwright and director, and a former member of the Groundlings Sunday Show and the Thieves Theatre. Originally held at the Eastern Grand Palace on Soi Khao Talo, Mr. Penner wanted to try a different venue to see if more people would be able to attend. It seems his idea has paid off. Beginning in January 2017, he started offering them monthly at the Teatro Cabaret on Thappraya Road in Jomtien (near the Hanuman statue), and there have been excellent turnouts on both evenings. Attendees play theatre games and learn the art of comedy improvisation in a friendly, no-pressure, supportive environment. Please check the website or to find out when the next improv workshop will be held.

2017 Annual General Meeting

Pattaya Players held their 2017 AGM at the Eastern Grand Palace on Friday, 6 January 2017.

Nominations and Elections were held. The new board for 2017 consists of the following:

  • President: Christopher Harman
  • Vice President: Sheldon Penner
  • Secretary: Wendy Khan
  • Treasurer: Charles Elwin
  • Public Relations: Gary Hougen
  • Thai Representative: Sunan (Lam) Thempakornkoon
  • Members Without Portfolio: Doug Campbell, Tweed Harris and John Crawford

    Christmas Variety Sing-a-Long Party,
    December 2016

    On Saturday, 17 December 2016, Pattaya Players hosted a free Christmas Sing-a-Long Party for the community at the Eastern Grand Palace Hotel. The evening was co-hosted in English and Thai by Doug Campbell and Miss Aranya Konchan.

    The first segment in the show was a mini holiday pantomime, in which the star of last year’s Pattaya Players pantomime – Gertrude the Cow – auditioned for the role of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The children in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the show, cheering for Rudolph, even though the director, Mrs. Broke, believed Gertrude was not the ideal candidate. In the end, Gertrude won her over and was awarded the highly coveted role. The panto featured Miss Aranya Konchan and Chris Harman, with Sheldon Penner and Mara Swankey playing Gertrude.

    Santa Claus was in attendance, and he brought along a huge sack of candy for the good girls and boys that had come to enjoy the show. This also provided a lovely photo opp for all the proud parents in the audience.

    The majority of the evening’s entertainment, however, was a Christmas sing-a-long. The songs were led by the Soundtronics, directed by pianist Tony Larko and featuring Sunan Thempakornkoon, John Crawford, Michael Najera and Mara Swankey. There was a delightful array of Christmas songs, including traditional old favorites and some new ones as well. In case anyone didn’t know the words, the lyrics to each song were projected onto a big screen to encourage audience participation.

    However, Miss Aranya Konchan stole the show with her beautiful solo performance of The Nutcracker, performed en pointe while dressed in a lovely holiday-themed ballet costume. The room went silent as the entire audience, young and old, watched in rapt amazement as Aranya twirled and pirouetted through the delicate dance with complete precision. So many hours were spent practicing this difficult dance, but practice certainly made perfect. Many of the children asked to have their picture taken with Aranya after the show – she has developed quite a fan base!

    At the end of the show, Pattaya Players offered a lucky draw and three guests went home with holiday gift baskets. Money was also raised and donated to The Father Ray Foundation. All the guests left with smiles on their faces and their hearts full of holiday spirit. What a great way to start the Christmas season!

    Rocky Horror Sing-a-Long & Halloween Quiz Night,
    October 2016

    Regretfully, this event was cancelled due to the passing of His Royal Highness, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, on 13 October 2016.

    Songs & Legends, October 2016

    French Lies & British Secrets, April 2016

    2016 Annual General Meeting

    Pattaya Players held their 2016 AGM at the Eastern Grand Palace on Thursday, 14 January 2016.


  • 2015 was a successful year. All of our shows were well-attended and operated at a profit.
  • Our free weekly Improv workshops are ongoing (Wednesdays at 7PM @ EGP)
  • Hosted a fun trivia night with many prizes donated from local restaurants
  • Participated in several community events, including Arts Week at St. Andrews School, a performance & info presentation at Pattaya City Expats Club, and we performed some Morris Dancing at the Cider Fest
  • Organized group outings to shows in Bangkok and in/around Pattaya
  • Donated nearly B60,000 back to our community during 2016
    (Recipients: Melissa Cosgrove Foundation, Pattaya Orphanage and the Take Care Foundation)
  • Membership Drive: 52 Members joined Pattaya Players in 2016
  • Treasurer's Report

    Nominations and Elections were then held. The new board for 2016 consists of the following:

  • President: Sheldon Penner
  • Vice President: Duane Hauch, assisted by Doug Campbell
  • Secretary: Tony Larko, assisted by Gary Hougen
  • Treasurer: Charles Elwin
  • Public Relations: Mara Swankey, assisted by Jason Rupp
  • Thai Representative: Sunan (Lam) Thempakornkoon
  • Members Without Portfolio: Alan Blackwood and Michael Alan Rubin

    Pattaya Players would like to thank everyone who supported us in 2015 as volunteers, members and sponsors. We look forward to another successful year in 2016!

    2015 Holiday Pantomime: Jack & the Beantin

    Our 2015 Holiday Pantomime, co-directed by Chris Harman and Doug Campbell, was a huge success! The show was performed in November & December at several different locations, including The Venue, Pattaya City Expats, Jameson's Pub, and the Eastern Grand Palace Hotel. All proceeds raised at each show were donated to the Pattaya Orphanage.

    The Cast

  • Narrator: Doug Campbell
  • Thai Translator: Aom Konchan
  • Jack: Sheldon Penner
  • Mrs. Broke: Christopher Harman
  • Gert: Ray Lightbown
  • Rude: Michael Alan Rubin
  • Beanseller: Charles Elwin
  • Beth: Mara Swankey
  • Mrs. Scrubba: Alan Blackwood
  • The Giant: Bob Smith

    The Crew

  • Lights: John Fishback
  • Sound: Per Lindberg
  • Thai Translations & Support: Sunan (Lam) Thempakornkoon

    To those of you who attended this year's show, we hope you enjoyed it - and thank you for your generous support!

    If you missed this year's pantomime, you can still watch the videos on YouTube via these links:

  • Interview at PCEC
  • Part One
  • Part Two

    Trip to Cirque du Soleil, August 2015

    On Saturday, 1 August 2015, two vans full of excited Pattaya Players members headed to Bangkok to see Quidam, Cirque du Soleil's debut show in Thailand. For more than 30 years, Cirque du Soleil has sought to evoke the imagination, invoke the senses, and provoke the emotions of people around the world. The story of Quidam was an engaging tale about a young girl’s escape into a world of imagination, where she meets characters who encouraged her to free her soul. The show featured fabulous costumes, beautiful athletes, and remarkable feats of artistry, poise, sensuality and balance.

    After the show, the group stopped for a lovely dinner on the way home from Bangkok. It was a wonderful excursion enjoyed by all in attendance!

    Comdey Showcase, July 2015

    Pattaya Players' summer production took place the weekend of 24-25 July at the Eastern Grand Palace Hotel. The show included a song & dance to open the show, followed by six entertaining one-act scenes, all taken from the best of British and American Theatre.

    Our directors:

  • Alan Blackwood
  • Doug Campbell
  • Duane Hauch
  • Ray Lightbown
  • Sheldon Penner

    Our cast:

  • Alan Blackwood
  • Doug Campbell
  • Eileen Denning
  • Charles Elwin
  • Chris Harman
  • Duane Hauch
  • Tony Larko
  • Ray Lightbown
  • Michael Najera
  • Sheldon Penner
  • Michael Rubin
  • Jason Rupp
  • Paul Strachan
  • Bob Smith
  • Felicity (Foo) Smith
  • Mara Swankey
  • Sunan (Lam) Thempakornkoon

    Our technical crew:

  • Tony Larko
  • Graham Smith

    If you'd like to read about the show, please follow this link to Pattaya Mail.

    Arts Week at St. Andrews International School, June 2015

    On Thursday, 11 June 2015, Pattaya Players was invited to participate in the Arts Week event at St. Andrews International School in Rayong. The program consisted of several parts, including scenes from the students, two scenes from our last show, Laughter, the school band, and a local magician. There was also a craft fair set up where Pattaya Players handed out information about our theatre group and promoted our upcoming production, Comedy Showcase. It was a fun day of music and theatre, and wonderful to see the children soaking it all up. Thank you to Doug Heron for inviting us to participate in this wonderful event!

    Presentation to Pattaya City Expats Club, May 2015

    On Sunday, 3 May, Pattaya Players provided the morning's entertainment at the Pattaya City Expats Club. We talked about what we do and how we put shows together, demonstrated a couple of the games we play at our free Improv Workshops, and performed one of the scenes from our last show, Laughter. The meeting was held at the Tavern By The Sea, which is part of the Amari Hotel on Beach Road. It was a fun morning of theatre!

    If you missed this morning's event, you can watch the videos on YouTube via these links:

  • Part One
  • Part Two

    Laughter: An Evening of Comedy, March 2015

    Pattaya Players put on a fabulous show of six clever comedy skits at two different venues in Pattaya the weekend of 27-29 March, 2015. Directed by Duane Hauch, Alan Blackwood and Sheldon Penner, the cast included: Eliza Negus, Doug Heron, John Broderick Fishback, Chris Harman, Eileen Denning, Sheldon Penner, Jason Rupp, Mara Swankey, Doug Campbell, Clare Bryant and Charles Elwin. The show was staged for two nights at Eastern Grand Palace, with the final performance at Ben's Theater in Jomtien. The cast was thrilled to have a full house at each show. Huge thanks go out to everyone who attended!

    Dinner & Trivia Night with David Hartnell, February 2015

    On Saturday, 28 February 2015, Pattaya Players was proud to host a trivia night with David Hartnell. Mr. Hartnell is a media personality who fronts his own TV and radio shows. His syndicated gossip columns have run in magazines and newspapers around the world. He is well-known for his catchphrases, “My Lips are Sealed!” and “I’m not one to gossip, but!” It has been said that he never repeats gossip, so you need to listen very carefully the first time! He has written nine books, including his blockbuster memoirs published by Penguin titled, Memoirs of a Gossip Columnist. This year, he celebrated 50 years writing and interviewing movie and TV celebrities in America and the UK. He’s not only spent a lifetime reporting on Hollywood trivia, gossip and scandals about the rich and famous, but counts many international stars among his lifelong friends. He’s lectured at universities and other educational institutions about vintage and modern day television shows and celebrities. This entertaining evening was filled with all the outrageous juicy facts and answers about our favourite celebrities.

    Guests were treated to a delicious buffet dinner at the White Horse Pub before the show got underway. Mr. Hartnell provided us with a highly informative presentation, followed by a trivia quiz set. Sheldon Penner, our resident improv instructor, was the lucky winner. He received one of Mr. Hartnell's books as a prize.

    Thank you to Mr. Hartnell for treating us all to such a wonderful evening of celebrity trivia and gossip! We hope to see you again the next time you are back in Pattaya.

    Annual General Meeting

    Our 2015 Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday, 15 January 2015 at 7:00 PM at the Eastern Grand Palace. Our new Committee Members were introduced, and then a lot of information was provided about plans for Pattaya Players in the coming year, including:

  • 2015 Membership Drive announced
  • Official Constitution & By-Laws were introduced & signed by all of the committee members
  • Charity donation from 2014 proceeds was presented to Melissa Cosgrove to benefit the Sanuk Day Care Center in Jomtien
  • Shows & Events being planned for 2015
  • Update on Sponsorships
  • Treasurer's Report
  • General Announcements
  • Questions & Answers

    If you would like to receive a copy of the minutes from this year's AGM, please email our Secretary at

    Three One-Act Plays, 27-28 June 2014

    Pattaya Players received rave reviews for their three one-act plays this year, which included:

    1) Blind Woman’s Bluff by Janet S.Tiger, Directed by Doug Campbell

  • Myra - Mara Swankey
  • John - Sheldon Penner
    Watch online here: Blind Woman's Bluff on YouTube

    2) The Airfield by Bob Tucker, Directed by Eileen Denning

  • Fred - Chris Harman
  • Lucy - Wendy Khan
  • Glen - Alan Blackwood
    Watch online here: The Airfield on YouTube

    3) Heaven’s Waiting Room by Gary Diamond, Directed by Wendy Khan

  • Gabriel - Tony Bailey Raymond George Lightbown
    Tony had to leave for a family emergency and could not do the show
  • Dexter - Sheldon Penner
  • Elspeth - Mara Swankey
  • Spode - Chris Harman
  • Wilmsley - Doug Campbell
  • special onstage appearances by Megan Speakman & Siripoom 'Kwaang' Boonmamuang from the Pattaya People Party Patrol!
    Watch online here: Heaven's Waiting Room on YouTube

    To watch a video review of the show, courtesy of Pattaya People's Party Patrol, please click here.

    A Ghostly Crime

    On Friday, 28 March and Saturday, 29 March, Pattaya Players presented a comedic murder mystery: A Ghostly Crime by Gary Payne. Directed by Wendy Khan, both shows were held at The Courtyard Food & Drink, which provided a sumptuous three-course buffet for the audience members. One lucky audience member was selected as the Super Sleuth of each evening for helping Detective Rule figure out "whodunnit."

    Cast Members (click here for our cast photo):
    Mary Astor Turf Mara Swankey Thiamtanong
    Teddy Turf Mike Pence
    Rachel Devine Eileen Denning
    Jeeves Chris Harman
    Monsieur Rule Duane Hauch
    Aunt Edwina Foo Smith

    To read an article about the show from Pattaya Trader, please click the links below:

  • Page 1
  • Page 2

    To watch a short video review of the show, courtesy of Pattaya People, please click here.

    Pattaya People Party Patrol also attended the show. To view their review of the show in both English & Thai, click here (the Thai version starts @ 7:25).

    To view some pictures of Saturday evening's performance, please click here.

    Our 2014 Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday, 16 January 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Eastern Grand Palace. Our new Committee Members were sworn in, the treasurer's report was read, and several suggestions were made by attendees on how to grow Pattaya Players in the coming year.

    If you would like to receive a copy of the minutes from this year's AGM, please email our Secretary, Kathalyn Ayers at

    Alternatively, you can visit any of the following links, courtesy of Pattaya People Newspaper:

  • Click here to read about the meeting on Pattaya People's website.
  • Click here to watch their video of our meeting highlights on YouTube.
  • Click here to view the article as it appeared in print.
    The article was published in Issue No. 430: 25 January - 1 February 2014. You can read the entire edition online here.

    All At Sea

    The annual Pattaya Players Christmas Pantomime for 2013 was All at Sea by Peter Ayre. Directed by Chris Harman, the cast (in order of appearance) were:
    Sinbad the Sailor Wendy Khan
    Clarabelle the Fairy Foo Smith
    Matty the Matelot Eileen Denning
    Blackbeard the Pirate Tom Fletcher
    Sharkeye Nicola Taylor
    Charlotte Hannah Carrodus
    Evan Ray Lightbown
    Abigail Mara Swankey
    Bella Sunan Thempakornkoon (Lam)
    Bertha Tony Larken

    Performances were held in November & December at several different locations:
    - Friday, 22 November - 7PM @ The Venue, Jomtien
    - Friday, 29 November - 7PM @ Jameson's, Central Pattaya
    - Saturday, 30 November - 12:30PM @ Garden Int'l School, Rayong
    - Sunday, 1 December - 2PM @ Eastern Grand Palace, East Pattaya
    - Friday, 6 December - 7:30 PM @ Indian by Nature, South Pattaya

    You can read an enteraining review of the panto from Pattaya Mail here:
    '80,000' people pack Jameson’s for the Panto.

    Broadway Under the Stars

    On 21 September 2013 at Baan Souy Resort, Pattaya Players presented their premiere all-singing, show-stopping event, Broadway Under the Stars. Under the direction of Christoper T. Parsons, a multitude of local performers were featured in an elegant, cabaret-style program of musical theater standards and contemporary favorites from the Great White Way. Songs included selections from composers such as Stephen Sondheim, Frederic Loewe and Andrew Lloyd Webber. There were also several ensemble numbers and duets throughout the showcase. At the conclusion of the performance, several lucky attendees walked away with a wide range of exclusive items, services and gift vouchers donated from local businesses & supporters of Pattaya Players. It was a lovely night of entertainment under the stars!

    "I know I said it last night, but I say again, the show was superb, everything about the evening was top class, the show itself, the performers, the choice of songs, the arrangements food etc etc, faultless." - Tim

    You can watch a video of Broadway Under the Stars highlights from Inspire eMagazine on YouTube here.

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